Being a Surrogate for a Parent or Child

How to Give the Gift of Parenthood to a Parent or Child 

Identified surrogacy is a heroic way to help someone you love. When asking, “Can I be my mom’s surrogate?” the answer is often “yes.” Contact a surrogacy agency now to find out if you qualify to be a gestational carrier. 

But there are several important things to know about surrogacy and its impact on your relationship. 

  • Being a surrogate for a parent or child is a life-changing decision 
  • Gestational surrogacy makes the dream of becoming a parent a reality 
  • You get the professional care you deserve when you work with the right surrogacy agency 

If you’ve been approached by a parent or child who: 

  • Is experiencing infertility or health issues that prevent them from safely carrying a pregnancy, 
  • Doesn’t have a partner but want to be a parent, 
  • Or is a member of the LGBTQ community, 

Then you might be asking, Can I be my mom’s surrogate?” 

As long as you meet the health requirements, the answer is yes! However, there are aspects to being a surrogate for a parent or becoming a surrogate grandmother for your child that requires some thought. 

This guide to surrogacy for your parent or child will explain what gestational surrogacy is, how you can become a surrogate for a parent or child and why working with the right agency and professional makes a difference in your experience. 

You can also get connected to a surrogacy specialist right now by completing this online form. They are ready to answer questions you have about becoming a mother surrogate for a daughter or surrogacy for your parent. 

Until then, let’s talk about the life-changing decision of becoming a gestational surrogate for your parent or child. 

What is Gestational Surrogacy? [Compared to Traditional] 

Gestational surrogacy is the standard and preferred method for most surrogates and intended parents. In gestational surrogacy, there is no genetic link between the surrogate and the child. Traditional surrogacy, which most reputable agencies won’t take part in, can create difficult parental rights issues as the surrogate is the biological mother of the child. As the gestational surrogate, you are simply the carrier of the baby made up of genetics from the intended parent and their partner or donor. 

Want more information on gestational surrogacy? Follow this link and provide your contact information. You’ll get connected to a trusted and experienced surrogacy specialist ready to provide you with all the important information you need for your surrogacy journey. 

Becoming a Surrogate for a Parent [What You Need to Know] 

The biggest question you have is likely, Can I be my mom’s surrogate?” 

As we stated previously, yes you can, but what do you need to know before committing to such a big and life-changing decision? 

First, let’s address some additional questions you’ll want to ask yourself. 

  • Can you emotionally handle carrying your own sibling as a surrogate for your parent? – As a gestational carrier, you wouldn’t be the baby’s biological mother, but the idea of carrying your sibling for your parent can create complex emotions as well as the prospect of future conversations with your sibling which might be difficult. 
  • Do you meet the requirements to be a surrogate? – There are significant requirements which must be met to be considered a qualified surrogate. We’ll address the screening process later in this article, but it’s crucial to speak with a surrogacy professional to find out whether you meet all requirements before committing to becoming a surrogate. You can learn more about the requirements to become a surrogate by visiting this website. You can also reach out to a surrogacy professional today by completing this form
  • Are you prepared for changes to your relationship? – When becoming a mother surrogate for your daughter or a surrogate for a parent, your relationship will change. You and the intended parent will become closer and develop an even deeper connection for the rest of your lives. Your surrogacy journey will not only impact your relationship with your parent or child, but will likely have an effect on other family members as well. 

Something else to consider is the age of your mother. If you’re becoming a surrogate because your mother is experiencing age-related infertility, it’s important to determine whether she is ready for the physical demands of raising a child from birth. 

Becoming a surrogate for your parent is a big decision — considering your interests and what’s in the best interests of the child is a part of that decision-making process. You should never feel pressured or obligated to become a surrogate for a parent.  

If you do decide to move forward, you deserve to work with a professional that can help you make the most informed decision possible. Remember, a surrogacy specialist is just a click away. When you complete this online form, you get connected to an experienced surrogacy agency. They’ll provide you with the information you need to get started on your surrogacy journey. 

Now that you have more information to answer your question, “Can I be my mom’s surrogate?” let’s turn our attention to becoming a surrogate grandmother and important questions when considering surrogacy with a child. 

Becoming a Surrogate for a Child 

As with surrogacy for a parent, becoming a mother surrogate for your daughter entails asking yourself some important questions before making such a big commitment. 

  • Can you safely carry a child for your daughter? – Because your daughter is old enough to raise a child, it likely means you’re nearing middle age. It’s crucial that you meet the age requirements to become a surrogate. Typically, women who have reached menopause are automatically disqualified by most surrogacy agencies. You can speak to a fertility professional to gain a better understanding as to whether or not your body is still capable of safely carrying a baby to term. 
  • Do you understand the emotional challenges that come with becoming a surrogate grandmother– Fertility treatments and pregnancy bring on unique emotions, but the added layer of carrying your own grandchild can intensify those emotions. It’s important that you take time to process what being a surrogate for your child means as well as consider the idea that as the intended parent, your child will have the right to request that you follow certain guidelines during the pregnancy. Most parents aren’t accustomed to following rules laid out by their child. 
  • Are you aware of the medical risk of being an older surrogate? – As a woman gets older, a healthy pregnancy becomes more challenging. Knowing that there are increased risks in being an older surrogate and that your body may react differently to this pregnancy than your previous experiences is a crucial consideration when thinking about becoming a mother surrogate for a daughter. 

There are many aspects of the surrogacy process to consider before making this decision. A significant portion of that is the impact of being a surrogate grandmother will have on your relationship with your child. You are sharing a unique journey that gives your child a chance to become a parent when it’s physically or biologically impossible. 

Ultimately, you will share an incredible, life-changing journey with your child and your relationship will reach a deeper level. Once you see your child hold their baby for the first time, any speed bumps along the way will have been completely worth it. 

How Do You Become a Surrogate for a Parent or Child? 

Surrogacy is a lengthy process, starting with the screening you’ll undergo to determine whether or not you meet the required qualifications. 

Here are some of the requirements you must meet: 

  • Have you had a successful pregnancy in the past? 
  • Are you currently raising a child in your home? 
  • Are you under the age of 41? 
  • Do you have a BMI of less than 32? 
  • Have you been on any anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication within the past 12 months? 
  • And more 

The extensive screening process is crucial in ensuring your surrogacy journey is safe, ethical and legal. It also gives everyone involved the best opportunity to have a successful pregnancy resulting in your parent or child having a happy and healthy baby. 

To get more detailed information on the steps to becoming a surrogate, check out this complete guide. You can also fill out this online form to get connected with a surrogacy professional who will go over every step of the process with you. 

Why It’s a Benefit to Work with an Experienced Surrogacy Agency 

When becoming a mother surrogate for a daughter or a surrogate for a parent, the added complexities of multigenerational surrogacy require the expertise of an experienced surrogacy agency. 

The support and safety you receive from working with a trusted surrogacy professional means you get the best possible surrogacy experience with your parent or child. 

These are just some of the advantages you have when working with the right agency: 

  • Your agency manages every aspect of your surrogacy journey  
  • You can have peace of mind knowing you’re working with experienced professionals  
  • You get education and support every step of the way  
  • You get to create a personalized surrogacy plan  
  • You get connected with trusted attorneys and medical professionals  
  • Your agency will coordinate with the fertility clinic to help get all appointments and medications  
  • Working with a surrogacy agency is completely free  
  • And more 

By completing this online form, you can quickly get connected with a professional ready to answer any questions you have about becoming a mother surrogate for a daughter or how to become a surrogate grandmother. You’ll also get helpful guidance on surrogacy for a parent. 

What if surrogacy for a family member isn’t for you? 

Consider Another Intended Family 

Even if you ultimately decide surrogacy for a parent or child isn’t right for you, becoming a surrogate for another intended family is still an option. 

Individuals, couples experiencing infertility and members of the LGBTQ community are hopeful for the chance to become a parent and because you’re considering making the heroic decision to become a surrogate, you can be the perfect match. 

The process for becoming a surrogate for an intended parent outside of your family is the same when you work with the right agency. The screening process will involve the same steps and help you become a qualified surrogate for a wonderful intended parent. 

Are you ready to start your surrogacy journey today? Take this link to get connected to a surrogacy agency today. You can begin the screening process and take another step towards matching with the perfect intended parents to join you on your journey.