Finding the Best Surrogacy Agencies [How-to Guide]

Choosing the Best Surrogacy Agency in the USA and Questions to Ask 

For your surrogacy journey, finding the best surrogacies agencies is an important first step. So, how do you find the best surrogacy agencies in the United States? 

First, you can talk to a trusted and experienced surrogacy specialist by completing this form. They will give you important information on the best surrogacy agencies and the services they provide

Second, continue reading this guide on the best surrogacy agencies and qualities that separate them from inexperienced surrogacy centers and companies. 

After all, don’t you want to work with surrogacy professionals that have the expertise and experience to make sure your surrogacy journey is safe, ethical and meets your every need and expectation? 

So, how do you find the best gestational surrogacy agencies in the U.S.? Focus on the shared qualities the best surrogacy agencies in the USA all have in common. 

Qualities the Best Surrogacy Agencies Have in Common 

Unlike adoption or foster care agencies, surrogacy agencies and companies in most states don’t have to obtain a license or follow strict regulations. For intended parents and surrogates, that means it can be difficult to know which agencies are capable of providing you with the right support and services. 

When researching the best surrogacy agencies, here are some important criteria to look for: 

  • Experience and a history of success – It’s crucial that you work with a surrogacy agency that has sustained success and a history of working with intended parents and surrogates to build families. 
  • A clear blueprint of each step – The best surrogacy agencies offer a clear outline of each step in the surrogacy process. Knowing what the process entails and what is required of both intended parents and surrogates helps give you confidence in the surrogacy agency you choose. 
  • A pre-match screening process to find quality candidates – One of the most important qualities and services to keep an eye out for when searching for the best gestational surrogacy agencies in the U.S. is a screening process that helps identify quality surrogates and intended parents. Matching serious and professional intended parents and surrogates who are choosing surrogacy for the right reasons is essential in having a safe and successful experience. While some professionals match intended parents and surrogates prior to completing a thorough screening process, the top surrogacy-agencies fully vet surrogates and intended parents prior to matching. This way, clients don’t get their hopes up about a potential match, only to find out that one party isn’t eligible for surrogacy.
  • Access to experienced professionals – Beyond working with an experienced surrogacy specialist — preferably a licensed professional with a counseling or mental health background — finding an agency that provides or can refer you to the best surrogacy attorneys is another quality of the best surrogacy agency in the USA. Creating a legal contract and agreement between intended parents and surrogates is crucial in the surrogacy process, and the best agency for surrogacy will have established relationships with an extensive network of these professionals. 

Remember, you can always reach out to a surrogacy specialist to find out more about the services and support the best surrogacy agencies provide. Before making the important decision of choosing an agency, you need to know how they plan to guide you through your surrogacy journey. 

Questions to Ask When Searching for the Best Surrogacy Agency Programs

Once you’ve found a surrogacy agency that you feel can potentially provide you the support and services you need to have a safe and successful surrogacy experience, you can ask questions to help solidify your decision. 

These four topics should be your initial focus when interviewing a potential surrogacy agency: 

What is the Screening Process for Intended Parents and Surrogates? 

Reputable surrogacy agencies only work with serious and professional intended parents and surrogates. Choosing surrogacy for the right reasons is vital to a successful experience. Additionally, making sure prospective surrogates are mentally, emotionally and physically ready for surrogacy is crucial to being considered a qualified candidate.  

Screening for surrogates and intended parents will include background checks, medical and psychological evaluations and more. Look for a professional who completes all of this screening prior to matching; the top-rated surrogacy agencies always fully vet surrogate candidates before matching them with intended parents. This helps ensure a successful match and minimizes the risk of a match falling apart.

What Services are Provided? 

In most states, surrogacy agencies aren’t legally required to obtain a license at this point, so the services available to intended parents and prospective surrogates can vary from agency to agency. The best surrogacy agencies will offer a full range of services, including:

  • Case management
  • Matching
  • Providing experienced legal representation
  • And more
How Much Experience Does the Agency Have in Surrogacy? 

Surrogacy may be relatively new, but some agencies have existed long before the current growth in surrogacy popularity. An agency with a long history of working with qualified intended parents and surrogates means you get the professional care and experience that gives you the best chance of having a safe and successful surrogacy journey. 

Many small surrogacy companies have sprung up in recent years — most of them founded by former surrogates with no professional experience in family-building. In contrast, the top-rated surrogacy agencies for surrogates and intended parents will be run by licensed professionals with professional backgrounds in counseling and mental health.

What are the Costs of Surrogacy? 

Costs are always an important topic. As an intended parent, you may already be aware that surrogacy can be costly. However, keep in mind that the cost of surrogacy is often directly related to:

  • The services you receive
  • The level of care you are provided
  • The experience and level of professionalism you get from a surrogacy specialist

It’s important to get a clear picture and breakdown of costs when interviewing a surrogacy agency. The best surrogacy agencies for intended parents are upfront and never give vague details about the financial aspect of surrogacy. 

As a prospective surrogate, you never have to worry about costs. Surrogacy is always free for you, because your expenses will be covered. You also get the added benefit of a compensation package for becoming a surrogate.  

Additional Questions to Ask Popular Surrogacy Agencies

Because you need as much information as possible when choosing the best surrogacy agency in the USA, here are some examples of additional questions to ask:

  • What does your matching process entail? 
  • What states do you work in? 
  • What requirements do intended parents need to meet? 
  • What are the requirements to become a surrogate
  • What does the medical process of surrogacy entail? 
  • How long is the surrogacy process? 
  • What does your surrogate compensation package look like? 

Having the opportunity to interview a surrogacy agency allows you to make the best and most confident decision for your surrogacy journey.  

When you complete this online form, you can immediately get connected with a professional that can help you prepare questions to ask a potential surrogacy agency. You can also get more information on the surrogacy process and how working with the right agency gives you the best surrogacy opportunities. 

How to Find the Best Surrogacy Agencies 

The best way to find a surrogacy agency capable of providing you with a complete set of services and the professional care you deserve is to fill out this online form to get connected with a surrogacy specialist. They can answer your questions and refer you to the best surrogacy agencies in the United States. 

Whether you’re an intended parent or want to be a surrogate mother, the best agency is the one that is right for you. Taking time to do your research and get important information on each agency’s services and support will help you find a professional that can give you the life-changing experience you’re hoping to have.  

With the list of questions you’ve compiled, you can begin interviewing the best surrogacy agencies to make the best possible decision for your surrogacy journey.