Independent Surrogacy [Is it Right for You?]

How Working with an Agency Improves Your Surrogacy Experience 

Suppose you’re an intended parent or prospective surrogate considering an independent or private surrogacy. In that case, you need to know what that means for your journey and why considering working with an agency can provide you with important benefits. 

Before committing to an independent surrogacy journey, it’s beneficial that you speak to a professional to get more information on what independent or private surrogacy means for you.  

When you fill out this online form, you can quickly learn more about independent surrogacy and how you are potentially exposed to risks and liabilities without the help of an experienced professional.  

Until then, let’s break down what independent gestational surrogacy is, answer the question of, “How does private surrogacy work?” and address other frequently asked questions about private gestational surrogacy. 

What is Independent Surrogacy, and What Does it Mean for Your Surrogacy Journey?  

Independent surrogacy, also called private surrogacy, is simply surrogacy without an agency. Doing surrogacy without an agency means you are choosing to take on the tasks surrogacy agencies typically provide, including:

  • Finding professionals such as an attorney and a fertility clinic on your own
  • Finding either a surrogate or intended parent and screening them yourselves
  • Coordinating the services you need through every step of the process
  • Getting to know your surrogacy partner without the help of a professional to mediate
  • Having intimate and potentially challenging conversations with your surrogacy partner without professional mediation
  • And more 

While private gestational surrogacy gives you complete control over your journey, it can also increase wait times and poses the potential risk of choosing professionals who don’t have your best interests in mind.

The professionals you work with may not offer the necessary surrogacy services, like case management and contact mediation. 

So, can you be a surrogate without going through an agency? Can intended parents choose surrogates on their own? 

The answer is yes to both of those questions. 

But, wouldn’t you prefer to work with professionals that can provide you with all the support and services you need under one roof? Intended parents and surrogates can focus on the pregnancy and building a healthy relationship by choosing the right agency. 

You can get more information about your independent surrogacy journey and the benefits of working with an agency by completing this form to connect with an experienced professional. They are ready to answer all of your important questions. 

Why a Surrogacy Agency is a Safer and More Beneficial Option for You 

Because of the steps required to complete a safe, legal and ethical surrogacy, you need a professional agency with specialists experienced in surrogacy. 

For intended parents, you’ll want to match with a serious, qualified surrogate that has been thoroughly screened and is choosing surrogacy for the right reasons. 

As a prospective surrogate, working with an agency means getting personal attention, support and services needed during your pregnancy and after the baby’s birth. 

Here are just some of the beneficial services you get when working with a surrogacy agency

  • Your agency manages every aspect of your surrogacy journey  
  • You’ll create a surrogacy contract detailing the risks associated with surrogacy, costs and surrogate compensation 
  • You can have peace of mind knowing you are working with experienced professionals  
  • You get education and support every step of the way  
  • You get to create a personalized surrogacy plan  
  • You get connected with trusted attorneys and medical professionals  
  • Your agency professional will coordinate with the fertility clinic to help get all appointments and medications set up 
  • Working with a surrogacy agency is completely free for surrogates 
  • And more 

While you may find aspects of a private gestational surrogacy that fit what you’re looking for, the benefits of working with an agency give you the security, support and experience from professionals. 

Are you ready to get connected to a surrogacy specialist? Complete this online form to quickly speak with a professional and get more information on how working with an agency gives you important advantages in your surrogacy journey.  

You can also continue reading to find frequently asked questions regarding independent gestational surrogacy. 

Private Gestational Surrogacy FAQ 

Before you read these common questions for private gestational surrogacy, remember that you can always reach a surrogacy specialist for more information. 

How to Become a Private Surrogate 

To become a surrogate without an agency, you essentially need to decide that taking an independent surrogacy journey is the best fit for you.  

Keep in mind that when choosing independent surrogacy, you will need to find intended parents, a fertility clinic and a surrogacy attorney on your own.

This can increase the length of your surrogacy journey and open you up to risks and liabilities that would be otherwise avoidable by working with an agency. You will also need to be screened by the fertility clinic to ensure you meet the requirements for a private surrogate.

How Does Private Surrogacy Work? 

As mentioned previously, the independent surrogacy process involves intended parents and surrogates finding the necessary professionals a la carte. This can be a time-consuming process, and you might not find professionals with the right amount of surrogacy experience, services and support. 

You’ll need to work with a surrogacy attorney to create a surrogacy contract and a fertility clinic to handle the medical process. Because you’ll be finding these professionals independently, it can be challenging to coordinate information between everyone without a professional to manage your case. 

To get more information on how to do an independent surrogacy compared to surrogacy through an agency, fill out this form and get connected to a professional.  

How Much Does Private Surrogacy Cost? 

When choosing an independent surrogacy journey, intended parents can avoid agency fees. However, you can still face high independent surrogacy costs for each professional you work with for the various aspects of the surrogacy process

The cost of surrogacy without an agency can quickly add up when you factor in the expenses of advertising for a surrogacy match on your own and screening potential matches independently — including matches that ultimately don’t work out.

While it may seem like you’re avoiding additional fees by choosing gestational surrogacy without an agency, the costs can still escalate depending on the professionals you choose. 

How to Find Private Surrogates and Intended Parents 

When it comes to independent surrogacy matching, again, intended parents and prospective surrogates will need to handle the matching process on their own.

Whether that’s using online ads to find anyone looking for a private surrogate, searching social media, or finding a surrogate without an agency through family and friends, independent surrogacy leaves finding a partner in your journey your responsibility. 

Conversely, a specialist will help you determine your specific preferences and use them to find the perfect match when you work with a surrogacy agency. You can complete this form to connect to a specialist today to learn more about the matching process. 

Independent Surrogate Compensation 

If you’re asking, “How much can I earn being a private surrogate?” you’ll need to find a surrogacy attorney and come to a private surrogacy agreement with the intended parents on the amount of compensation.

If you have a specific amount of private surrogacy compensation in mind, you can work with your attorney and the family you choose to determine what’s appropriate and feasible.  

The private surrogate contract will also include expectations for both sides on the amount of contact and communication that will occur and ensure that both parties are aware of the potential risks of surrogacy

Want more information on surrogacy without an agency? Complete this online form to get connected to a specialist. You can also take this link to find more surrogacy FAQs