Why You Need a Surrogacy Attorney [A Complete Guide]

The Legal Process of Surrogacy and the Role of an Attorney 

To experience a safe, ethical and successful surrogacy journey, you need the services of a surrogacy attorney. 

  • A surrogacy attorney helps create a legal surrogacy contract between intended parents and surrogates. 
  • Surrogacy laws and restrictions vary from state to state, and a lawyer for surrogacy ensures you meet state-specific requirements. 
  • An attorney for surrogacy helps establish parental rights for intended parents. 

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What is a Surrogacy Attorney? 

Surrogacy attorneys — also known as an assisted reproductive technology (ART) attorneys — create surrogacy contracts between intended parents and surrogates based on state laws. They also provide important legal protections and cover potential risks and liabilities of the surrogacy process. 

Because there are no federal surrogacy laws, each state has different regulations and legal processes that your attorney will navigate. 

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Until then, continue reading to find out what services surrogacy attorneys provide, surrogacy lawyer costs and questions to ask your surrogacy lawyer.  

What Services Do I Need from a Surrogacy Attorney? 

As previously mentioned, a lawyer for surrogacy follows state surrogacy laws and regulations to ensure your journey is safe, ethical and legal. 

They also: 

You must have an attorney for surrogacy and a finalized contract before most fertility clinics will allow you to begin the medical process of surrogacy

You can get more information on the surrogacy medical process involving in vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer by checking out this guide

You can always reach out to a specialist for more information about lawyers for surrogacy and what type of lawyer does surrogate contracts. 

Surrogacy Lawyer Cost for Intended Parents and Surrogates 

First, surrogates never pay for legal representation. If you are considering carrying a baby for intended parents, surrogacy is always free to you

For intended parents, your surrogacy attorney fee depends on the attorneys you choose to work with and the specific circumstances of your case.

If you work with a surrogacy agency that provides the lawyer or refers you to attorneys from within their network, that may mean a discounted rate. In most cases, you will have to pay by the hour for a surrogacy attorney’s services.

The benefit of choosing to work with a surrogacy attorney referred by your agency is it’s one less step you have to take to get your journey started. You can also save on costs, as many independent professionals may be expensive. 

It’s recommended that you contact a surrogacy specialist to get more detailed answers to “How much does a surrogacy lawyer cost?” and what goes into attorney fees for surrogacy. 

Questions to Ask a Surrogacy Lawyer 

When considering a surrogacy attorney, there are specific surrogacy attorney questions to ask that can help you make the best decision possible. Asking good questions is especially important when choosing an attorney independently.  

Remember, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re working with ethical, experienced and qualified surrogacy attorneys through the agency you choose.  

The best agencies in the United States have a network of trusted attorneys ready to help clients with every legal step of the surrogacy process. 

Before making a final decision on a lawyer for surrogacy, consider questions to ask a surrogacy lawyer, such as: 

  • How long have you worked in the surrogacy field? 
  • What is your experience with ART? 
  • Do you work with clients from a different state? 
  • Can you give my case personal attention and respond to time-sensitive matters? 
  • What are your average attorney fees for surrogacy? 
  • Do you outsource any of your services? 

The surrogacy process, including finding the right professionals, is lengthy. Just know you don’t have to do it alone. An experienced surrogacy agency will connect you with trusted attorneys for surrogacy and can even coordinate the legal process on your behalf. 

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So, how do you find a lawyer for surrogacy? 

How to Find a Surrogacy Attorney 

If you’re online searching, “surrogacy attorney near me,” be on the lookout for legal professionals that are members of the American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys.  

Intended parents and surrogates should work with legal professionals experienced in assisted reproductive technology and who understand state surrogacy laws and regulations. 

You can also use the knowledge of a surrogacy specialist to help you find the right surrogacy attorney for you. The most important thing is to feel 100 percent confident in your decision.  

Why Working with a Surrogacy Agency Matters 

As you’ve by now realized, the advantages of working with a surrogacy agency are distinct.

While you can always find the various professionals needed for the steps of the surrogacy process on your own, having a professional to manage your case and refer you to experienced attorneys for surrogacy is a significant benefit. 

It also saves you time and allows you to focus on your surrogacy experience. 

A surrogacy specialist is just a click away and ready to answer all of your important questions about surrogacy and the role a lawyer for surrogacy plays in your life-changing journey.