Should You Choose a National or Local Surrogacy Agency?

The Added Benefits of National Surrogacy Agencies 

If you’re an intended parent or prospective surrogate considering whether to work with a local or national surrogacy agency, there are important differences to consider. 

  • National surrogacy agencies have more resources than a smaller local surrogacy agencies, which means you’ll have access to a larger network of the best attorneys, clinics and more 
  • A national agency has a more in-depth matching process and provides more surrogacy opportunities because they work with clients across the country — leading to shorter wait times to be matched 
  • Local surrogacy agencies may not have the same level of experience in completing successful surrogacies, and many do not have qualified, licensed counseling or mental health professionals on staff 

First, you can get more information on the differences between local and national surrogacy agencies by completing this online form to connect with a surrogacy professional.  

If you’re asking, “Are there surrogacy agencies near me?” the professional you speak with can connect you with the best surrogacy agency options based on your needs. 

As you continue to read, you’ll learn more about local surrogacy agencies and how national surrogacy agencies provide you with added resources to give you better surrogacy opportunities. 

What are Local Surrogacy Agencies? 

Depending on where you live, you might be able to work with a local surrogacy agency that provides at least some of the required professional services you need for a safe, ethical and successful experience

Because surrogacy agencies aren’t required to obtain a license in most states, they are often called “surrogacy programs.” 

Local surrogacy agencies and programs can provide or refer you to professionals in your state for specific steps of the surrogacy process. Still, they may not have the experience to give you the confidence or safety you desire moving forward. And, because they are limited to working with clients in a certain state or region, they will have fewer potential matches for you to choose from — reducing your chances of finding someone who meets all of the criteria you’re looking for.

It’s important to be aware of the risks and liabilities involved in the surrogacy process, particularly when working with a smaller local agency unable to address every aspect of your surrogacy journey.  

If your agency cannot provide you with all of the services you need, such as qualified counseling or referrals to the best surrogacy attorneys, you might wonder, “Are there other surrogacy services near me?”  

Local surrogacy agencies tend to be smaller and lack professionals to give you the personal attention your journey requires. Because of this, you may find that seeking out additional professionals is your only option.  

Doing so takes extra time and more work on your end and potentially increases costs for intended parents

You can always reach out to a surrogacy specialist to learn more about the difference between local and national surrogacy agencies.  

You can also check out this guide on surrogacy services and why you need an agency to provide you with the resources required to complete each step of the surrogacy process. 

What are National Surrogacy Agencies, and What Benefits Do They Provide? 

National surrogacy agencies not only serve as a “one-stop-shop” for services and support but also have a history of completing successful surrogacies all over the country. 

Not only do you get personal and professional attention, but you also receive services such as these: 

  • Your agency manages every aspect of your surrogacy journey   
  • You get to create a personalized surrogacy plan  
  • Intended parents will match with prospective surrogates faster 
  • You’ll sign a surrogacy contract detailing the risks associated with surrogacy, costs and surrogate compensation  
  • Intended parents will have a flat rate in agency fees 
  • You can have peace of mind knowing you are working with experienced professionals   
  • You get education and support every step of the way   
  • You get connected with trusted attorneys and medical professionals   
  • Your agency and professional will coordinate with the fertility clinic to help get all appointments and medications   
  • Working with a surrogacy agency is completely free for surrogates  
  • And more 

As an intended parent, you likely already have experience with a fertility clinic. In most cases, you can continue to use your fertility clinic for the medical process.  

If you’re a prospective surrogate wondering, “Where are surrogacy programs near me?” you likely will work at least in part with the intended parent’s fertility clinic. If so, any travel costs incurred are covered by the intended parents. 

Because surrogacy is a complex process, you need professionals such as attorneys and reputable fertility clinics.  

Working with an experienced national agency gives you the added benefit of having professionals for each step of the surrogacy process in-house or a referral to the best medical professionals and attorneys. 

You can also contact a surrogacy specialist to get an even more in-depth breakdown of the services national surrogacy agencies provide you by filling out this online form

Which Agency is Right for You? 

Ultimately, deciding whether to work with local surrogacy agencies or national is yours to make. 

Depending on what you feel is right for your surrogacy journey, you may prefer more of a “mom and pop” feel. However, keep in mind that there is still the chance you will need to find certain professionals, such as a surrogacy attorney, independently. You may also wait much longer to find your perfect match. 

When it comes to the legal process of surrogacy, intended parents and surrogates must have a completed an agreed-upon surrogacy contract before the medical process can begin. 

If you want the peace of mind that you’re working with experienced professionals that can give you the personal attention, services and support you need from start to finish, a national surrogacy agency is the best fit for you. 

Any professional would recommend doing your research and asking a prospective agency some questions to determine whether or not they are a good fit for your surrogacy journey

So, when asking, “Are there surrogacy companies near me?” the first step to finding the best surrogacy agency for you is to speak to a professional with surrogacy experience, which you can do by completing this online form

Until then, here are a few national surrogacy agencies that can provide you with the services you need.

  • American Surrogacy – American Surrogacy is one of the leading gestational surrogacy agencies in the country. Their experienced surrogacy specialists also have considerable expertise in adoption and understand the process of building families. 
  • Southern Surrogacy – For intended parents and prospective surrogates located in the Southern states, Southern Surrogacy is an excellent option for your journey. 
  • Jennifer Fairfax – Jennifer Fairfax is one of the leading adoption and surrogacy attorneys in the country. If you need of an attorney for the legal steps of your surrogacy journey, get in touch with Jennifer and her staff for more information. 

Remember, when asking, “Are there surrogacy programs near me?” it’s always best to speak to a professional first to decide whether a local or national surrogacy agency is better for your situation.