Surrogacy Agency Reviews [Finding the Best Agency]

How to Find Helpful and Genuine Surrogacy Agency Reviews  

When searching for a surrogacy agency, part of the decision-making process includes reading surrogacy agencies’ ratings and reviews. You can find out what you need to know about surrogacy company reviews and how to find those you can trust by completing this online form to speak with a surrogacy professional. 

Surrogacy is a complex process, and no two situations are the same, which is why some surrogacy agency reviews can make choosing an agency more confusing and complicated.  

It’s important to understand how to find credible reviews and ratings to help your decision-making process for choosing the right professional

Continue reading for a complete guide to surrogacy agencies ratings and reviews and what you need to know. 

The Purpose of Surrogacy Agencies and Keeping Perspective on Surrogacy Agency Reviews 

Surrogacy agencies and the professionals that help intended parents and surrogates build families exist to ensure the surrogacy experience is safe, healthy and results in a successful pregnancy. 

These professionals provide services to guide clients like you through the entire process and ensure you get the personal and professional attention you need to have the best experience. 

Because surrogacy and family-building are deeply personal, it’s nearly impossible for an individual to leave an objective review.  

Every intended parent and surrogate experiences a range of emotions involved with surrogacy. Those experiences often get reflected in surrogacy agency reviews. Regardless of where you find reviews of surrogacy agencies, you will find both positive and negative experiences. 

The key is understanding the background and maintaining some perspective on surrogacy agency ratings and reviews.  

More information on rating surrogacy agencies and interpreting reviews is always available when you complete this online form

Are You Finding More Negative Surrogacy Company Reviews than Positive? 

When it comes to professional services, it’s common across the board for clients to leave negative reviews more often than leaving a positive review. 

The internet is often used as a forum to unload frustrations, and because surrogacy is an emotionally involved experience, leaving a mean or negative review can be oddly rewarding for some. 

Typically, intended parents and surrogates who have had a positive experience are less motivated to leave surrogacy agency reviews.  

One way to navigate a list of reviews is to compare the number of successful surrogacies of an agency to the number of negative surrogacy agency reviews written.  

Let’s say the agency you’re considering has helped 50 intended parents and surrogates build a family, and there are only a handful of negative reviews. In that case, it’s more likely those reviews aren’t a good representation of the general experience of working with that agency. 

Surrogates Might be Less Likely to Leave Surrogacy Company Reviews 

As a surrogate, you choose to carry a child for an intended parent that physically or biologically cannot. While the aspect of volunteering to be a surrogate is heroic and gives intended parents a chance at parenthood, you may not feel it necessary to leave a surrogate agency rating. 

In most cases, however, surrogates are proud of their decision and surrogacy journey and look forward to sharing their experience with others considering becoming a surrogate.

When researching surrogacy agencies as either a prospective surrogate or intended parent, the reviews you read from surrogates are likely only a tiny fraction of the number of former surrogates that the agency has helped. 

Remember, you can always reach out to a surrogacy specialist to get more information on interpreting surrogacy agency ratings and reviews. 

Negative Surrogacy Agency Reviews are Unavoidable 

No matter what services a surrogacy agency provides or how much effort a professional makes to provide the best support, some intended families and surrogates are bound to leave a negative review. 

In many cases, any anger or dissatisfaction in an experience might be at least somewhat misguided. There could be a situation where one singular moment in the surrogacy process didn’t meet a specific expectation, leading to a negative surrogacy agency rating even if the overall experience was excellent. In other cases, a surrogacy journey just doesn’t work out, for whatever reason. This can be a heartbreaking experience, especially for intended parents, and they may express those feelings through a negative review.

Researching surrogacy agencies that fit your specific needs and what you feel is important gives you the best chance at having a happy and successful experience.  

Reading surrogacy agency ratings and reviews can help weed out agencies that don’t align with your needs and expectations. However, it’s important to understand that challenges will always arise in any surrogacy journey and shouldn’t necessarily be viewed as the agency doing something “wrong.” 

Many Surrogacy Agency Reviews aren’t Genuine and Written for Pay 

The internet is full of individuals paid to leave negative reviews. This is not different for something as life-changing and serious as building families through surrogacy. 

It only takes a few bad surrogacy company reviews to lower the rating of a surrogacy agency. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to spot fake reviews. 

Here are some tips for spotting fake reviews of surrogacy agencies: 

  • Look for overwhelmingly positive or negative reviews that fail to provide specific details as to what went wrong. 
  • Real reviews typically include examples of why the experience was so great. A fake or paid review may not. 

Do you have more questions about how to spot paid surrogacy agency reviews? Complete this form to connect to a professional. 

Surrogacy Reviews Based on a Lack of Understanding of the Surrogacy Process 

You may come across surrogacy company reviews based on the reviewer not having a clear understanding of the surrogacy process. These types of reviewers might complain about the length of the process, the screening requirements, the number of embryo transfer attempts required to achieve a successful pregnancy, and more — not realizing that many of these steps are inherent to the process and would be the same regardless of the agency they worked with.

These types of negative reviews reinforce the importance of researching and finding surrogacy agencies that fit your needs, timeline and expectations of what surrogacy requires. 

You can start by checking out this complete guide to the surrogacy process

Surrogacy Costs will Always Lead to Bad Surrogacy Agency Reviews 

Intended parents giving negative surrogacy agency ratings and reviews due to costs is common. However, many of these reviews don’t consider the value of the services and support provided by an agency.  

Surrogacy is expensive. Because of its complex medical process, the required legal steps and ensuring the surrogate is supported, intended parents must be ready to commit finances to help create a safe, healthy and successful journey to parenthood.  

Find Surrogacy Agencies Best Suited for Your Journey 

As previously mentioned, surrogacy agency reviews are just a part of the process of choosing an agency. 

Taking some of the tips in this guide, you can begin to find genuine surrogacy company reviews and apply the experience of others to your expectations and determine whether a specific agency is right for you. 

You can also speak to a surrogacy specialist by filling out this online form. The advantage of talking to experienced professionals is you get a leg up on finding the perfect surrogacy agency for your journey.