Finding Intended Parents on Your Own

The Many Advantages of Working with an Agency 

As you consider becoming a surrogate, you may wish to find intended parents on your own. While there are avenues to find IPs independently, working with the right surrogacy agency provides many benefits. 

As a prospective surrogate, you might be thinking, “I want complete control of my journey.” Because of your desire to be in control, you may feel like finding an intended parent on your own is the right decision for you. 

While there are always pros and cons to every situation, you may find that working with a trusted and experienced surrogacy agency will give you advantages and opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise find independently.  

This guide to finding intended parents will cover how you may locate intended parents for an identified surrogacy, and why working with the right agency has many advantages.  

You can also get more information on finding intended parents and surrogacy today by completing this online form to connect to a trusted professional.  

Until then, here’s further information on finding intended parents on your own vs. working with an agency with professional resources. 

Finding Intended Parents on Your Own [Where to Start] 

In many cases, when a surrogate mother wants to find the perfect intended parent, surrogacy forums, websites and advertisements are utilized. There’s also the chance a surrogate mother finding intended parents independently is because she doesn’t meet the requirements to become a surrogate through conventional channels. 

So, what does this mean for you? Why might you wish to find intended parents on your own? 

Here are some common reasons: 

  • You’re interested in traditional surrogacy – As a traditional surrogate, you might prefer to carry an intended parent’s child by artificial insemination. In this case, you would be the biological mother of the child. This creates legal and emotional complexities that surrogacy professionals will not agree to take on. 
  • You’re an experienced surrogate – If you’ve previously gone through the surrogacy process, you might feel equipped to find an intended parent and handle the process independently. You may also have an attorney lined up to handle the legal side of your surrogacy. 
  • You’re hoping to avoid additional fees for the intended parents – If you’re considering finding intended parents on your own, you might be doing so because you are trying to save them from paying professional matching fees. While this is a selfless decision to try and help your intended parents, you can avoid additional fees by working with the right agency. 

You can get more information on reasons for choosing to find intended parents independently by taking this link to fill out an online form. You will immediately get connected to a professional ready to answer all of your surrogacy questions. 

Ultimately, your situation and preferences might be leading you to consider finding intended parents on your own. Where and how do surrogates find IPs without an agency? 

  • Online forums and social media 
  • Advertising 
  • Connections through friends or family members 
  • Becoming a surrogate for a friend or family member 
  • Fertility clinic or attorney referrals 

There can be many ways you might find an intended family on your own but how do you start the surrogacy process? How do you know if you’re qualified to be a surrogate? How do you know the intended parents you find are serious and committed to your health and safety? 

First, you will need to work with a professional, such as a surrogacy attorney, to determine whether or not you are a qualified candidate. This doesn’t just include a medical evaluation.  

You will need to ensure that you’re emotionally and psychologically prepared for the lengthy surrogacy process and complex steps you will face during your pregnancy. 

Secondly, you will need to work with an experienced attorney who can help draft a legal contract under your state’s surrogacy laws with the intended family to make sure everyone is on the same page.  

Your contract will include details such as: 

  • The medical risks of surrogacy  
  • Determining how many times you will try for a viable pregnancy  
  • Financial compensation  
  • And more 

Once you’ve taken these steps, you would then work with the intended parent’s fertility clinic to begin the medical process of surrogacy

How Do You Know Intended Parents are Safe and Committed? 

Unless you’re identified surrogacy match is with a close friend or family member, there isn’t a guarantee you’ll know for sure that they are ready and prepared for this journey. 

Finding an intended parent on your own using advertising, social media, surrogacy forums or other outlets is the first tricky part of managing your surrogacy journey on your own. Without proper resources and vetting, you trust that the IP you choose is as serious as you are. 

As you can see, there are several crucial steps to becoming a surrogate. Are you prepared to manage this on your own? 

Next, let’s talk about how working with a surrogacy agency gives you distinct advantages in having a safe, healthy and positive surrogacy experience.  

Remember, you can get in touch with a surrogacy professional right now by filling out this online form. They are ready to give you the information you need on the surrogacy process and can match you with a waiting intended parent. 

How Working with a Surrogacy Agency is Advantageous 

Did you know that by working with an experienced surrogacy agency, you will have someone by your side, every step of the way? They will guide you through every step of the surrogacy process and help you match with a serious, professional and prepared intended family. 

Because the surrogacy process includes several important steps, ensuring everyone involved is qualified and prepared for potentially physical, emotional and psychological challenges requires the help of an experienced professional. 

When you work with a surrogacy agency, you will go through a screening process where you will need to meet several important requirements

  • A previous successful pregnancy  
  • Currently raising a child in your home 
  • You’re between the ages of 21-41 
  • A BMI of less than 32 
  • No usage of anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication within the past 12 months 
  • And more 

It’s important to note that, with or without a surrogacy agency, you would still need to meet these requirements through the intended parent’s fertility clinic before you can move forward. 

Don’t you want to make sure you’re ready for the life-changing journey of surrogacy?  

Remember, it’s not just about you finding the right IP. It’s crucial that you know you’re completely ready for what lies ahead. 

Want more information on the screening process and what that means for you? Fill out this form to get connected to a professional who can answer all of your important questions. 

Is Traditional Surrogacy Right for You? [The Benefit of Choosing Gestational Surrogacy] 

In traditional surrogacy, you would be the biological mother of the child. When you sign your surrogacy contract with an intended family, are you prepared to give them your biological baby after birth? 

Due to the legal and emotional complexities of traditional surrogacy, most reputable surrogacy agencies only work with surrogates and IPs who are pursuing gestational surrogacy. 

What are the advantages? In gestational surrogacy, you get to experience pregnancy and the heroic decision of giving an intended parent the greatest gift in life while removing any genetic link to the child. 

Most gestational surrogates working with agencies have no interest or intention of keeping the baby. They choose gestational surrogacy because they enjoy pregnancy and want to do something extraordinary for an intended parent physically or biologically unable to carry a child. 

You can get more information on gestational surrogacy by reaching out to a professional. 

Can You Work with an Agency if You’ve Already Found IPs? 


Even if you’ve already located IPs, you can (and should) still work with an experienced surrogacy agency through the surrogacy process. You would still need to meet the requirements of the professional you work with, but in terms of the surrogacy process, you would only skip the matching phase and avoid the matching fee. 

Suppose you want the freedom of choosing your own intended parents but want the benefits of working with an agency that can provide crucial coordination and support services. In that case, you can always choose to work with a surrogacy agency for the remainder of your journey. 

Want to find out how you can find a surrogacy professional today? Just complete this online form and immediately get connected to an experienced surrogacy agency. 

Additional Benefits to Working with a Surrogacy Agency 

Whether you already have intended parents in mind, or you’re ready to get matched with an excited intended parent using the services of a professional, there are additional benefits to working with an agency. 

  • Your agency manages every aspect of your surrogacy journey, so that you don’t have to worry about coordinating every complex step  
  • You can have peace of mind knowing you’re working with experienced professionals who understand the laws and processes 
  • You get education and support every step of the way  
  • You get to create a personalized surrogacy plan  
  • You get connected with trusted attorneys and medical professionals  
  • Your agency and professional will coordinate with the fertility clinic to help get all appointments and medications  
  • Working with a surrogacy agency is completely free for gestational carriers 
  • And more 

You never have to worry about finding independent professionals such as surrogacy attorneys on your own when you work with an experienced agency.  

They will provide you with attorneys well-versed in your state’s surrogacy laws and will help you develop a surrogacy contract that perfectly outlines everyone’s expectations, the potential risks, and ensures your financial reimbursement and compensation. 

So, while finding intended parents on your own is certainly possible, you should still consider working with a trusted and experienced surrogacy agency.  

Contact a Surrogacy Agency Today 

If after reading this, you feel as though a surrogacy agency is better equipped to finding you the perfect intended parents, fill out this online form to get connected and find out how you can find a wonderful surrogacy opportunity. 

Your decision to give the gift of parenthood to a hopeful intended parent is nothing short of heroic. You deserve to work with professional that can provide you with the best resources for a life-changing, happy and healthy surrogacy experience.