Gestational Surrogacy Services [How to Find Them]

How an Agency Provides Complete Intended Parent and Surrogate Services 

There are several important steps in the surrogacy process, and intended parents and prospective surrogates need gestational surrogacy services from professionals to complete each step safely. 

  • You can work with an experienced agency that provides complete, in-house services for every step of the surrogacy process. 
  • The best agencies offer a surrogate matching service that connects qualified and professional intended parents and surrogates. 
  • An agency has surrogacy services for intended parents and surrogates, including an in-depth screening process to ensure everyone is fully prepared and qualified for surrogacy.

Because you likely have many questions about gestational surrogacy services and where to find them, you can always reach out to an experienced specialist by completing this online form.  

Until then, this guide to the seven most important surrogacy services will give you a jump-start on knowing what services you need and how to find them.

Screening and Surrogate Matching Service 

Among the many steps of the surrogacy process, screening and matching intended parents and prospective surrogates that meet medical, physical and psychological requirements to continue with the surrogacy process is crucial. 

Intended parents and prospective surrogates must meet all requirements before moving forward. As soon as you are determined to be ready for surrogacy, professionals such as a surrogacy agency offer a surrogacy search service to find intended parents and surrogates that match based on each party’s personal preferences for a partner. 

You can find surrogacy partners independently; however, a surrogacy agency’s professional approach and resources give you a better chance at finding the best surrogacy opportunity. 

You can always get more information about the surrogacy matching services an agency provides by filling out this online form

National Marketing and Advertising 

Your surrogacy opportunities increase when you work with a national surrogacy agency with better resources to reach more surrogates and intended parents. 

A larger national reach goes hand-in-hand with intended parent and surrogate matching services to help the most qualified candidates connect through marketing and advertising.  

More marketing and advertising resources also mean the agency you choose can connect you with the best and most experienced fertility clinics and surrogacy attorneys. Surrogacy agencies that are all-inclusive give you the best chance at having a safe, healthy and happy surrogacy journey. 

Remember, you can always get more information on surrogacy and find out what a surrogacy agency does by filling out this form

Medical Surrogacy Services 

Surrogacy agencies can provide you with every service you need to complete your journey. However, when it comes to the medical process of surrogacy, you will need to work with a fertility clinic. 

The best surrogacy agencies work with professional and experienced fertility clinics for: 

  • Medical screening for prospective surrogates: Before intended parents and surrogates can take their surrogacy journey, a surrogate must undergo a medical screening including blood tests, saline sonograms and more to determine whether she is physically prepared for the process. 
  • Gamete retrieval and IVF: Once intended parents and a surrogate get medically cleared for the surrogacy process, a surrogacy clinic will begin the IVF process. Preparing the surrogate for the embryo transfer, and preparing the intended mother or a donor for egg harvesting and syncing cycles with the surrogate, is part of surrogacy’s medical process
  • Pregnancy testing: After embryo transfer to the surrogate’s uterus, the surrogacy clinic will do a blood and hormone level test to confirm a pregnancy. This type of testing for a positive pregnancy is much more in-depth than standard at-home pregnancy tests. Once pregnancy occurs, the surrogate will move forward with prenatal care with a regular OB-GYN. 

You can get a complete guide to the surrogacy medical process by taking this link. You can also reach out to a surrogacy specialist to get more information on medical surrogacy services. 

Surrogacy Legal Services 

The best agencies that provide surrogate services and surrogacy services for intended parents work with experienced attorneys to handle every aspect of the legal process of surrogacy. 

Every surrogacy requires a legal contract between intended parents and the surrogate. These contracts detail: 

Experienced surrogacy attorneys will also help intended parents legally establish parental rights. 

Because the legal aspect of surrogacy is so important, working with an agency capable of providing you with legal representation is another example of the many advantages of choosing an agency.  

If you’re considering independent surrogacy, you will be responsible for finding the necessary professionals for each step of the process. This can add time as well as open you up to potential risks and liabilities. 

Do you want more information on gestational surrogacy services, such as legal representation? By taking this link, you can get in touch with a professional ready to answer all of your important questions. 

Surrogacy Costs and Surrogate Compensation 

As a surrogate, you are not responsible for any of the costs during your surrogacy journey. However, working with an agency and attorney to help you iron out surrogate compensation is essential. 

An agency’s surrogacy services for intended parents include helping you know what your costs will be, as well as coming to an agreement with your surrogate for compensation beyond covering surrogacy and pregnancy-related expenses. 

When it comes to gestational surrogacy services, you should work with a professional agency to ensure the financial aspect of your surrogacy journey gets handled appropriately and fairly. 

When choosing a surrogacy agency, ask questions about using an escrow account to help manage funds during the pregnancy process. It’s important that everyone involved understands how the financial aspect of surrogacy works.  

You can find more information on surrogacy costs and compensation by visiting this website. It’s important to note that specific costs depend on the agency you work with and the services provided. 

Complete Case Management 

One of the most valuable gestational surrogacy services an agency provides is a professional to manage your case from start to finish. 

Because intended parents and surrogates have their own unique needs during the surrogacy process, the professional services an agency provides help provide you with the services and support needed to have the best possible experience. 

Even if there is a specific service an agency doesn’t offer in-house, they can refer you to the best professionals to get what you need to complete every step in the surrogacy process. 

Counseling and Support Services 

Surrogacy can bring a range of emotional challenges. Having a third-party support system such as an agency and specialist can help manage the hope, excitement, stress and doubt you might experience. 

Counseling, education and support are key surrogate services and surrogate parent services that help both of you stay balanced and aware of potential complex emotions involved with surrogacy. 

Here are just some of the support services for surrogacy an agency provides: 

  • Support from licensed social workers (make sure to choose an agency that has licensed professionals on staff; they will be best-qualified to provide the support you need)
  • Professionals experienced in surrogacy, adoption and infertility 
  • Contact mediation services to help facilitate and maintain a positive relationship between intended parents and surrogates 
  • And more 

You can always get more information about support services for surrogacy by completing this online form to connect to a professional. 

Although you might prefer to take on surrogacy independently, particularly in an identified surrogacy where intended parents and surrogates have an existing relationship, working with an agency provides many benefits. 

Wouldn’t you prefer to receive the numerous professional services under one roof instead of being tasked with finding them separately? 

Consider choosing a surrogacy agency that can serve as a “one-stop-shop” for all your gestational surrogacy services.