Advantages of Surrogacy Agencies vs. Fertility Clinics

If you’re considering surrogacy as a way to grow your family, you’ve likely come across mention of fertility clinics and surrogacy agencies.

You might notice points where the two professionals overlap.

So, what sets them apart from one another? 

Both of these organizations provide important services throughout the surrogacy process, but a surrogacy agency may be able to help you in ways a fertility clinic can’t. Clinics are key players in the medical portion of the surrogacy process, but that’s typically as far as their expertise extends. 

If you want to know more about the differences between a surrogacy agency and clinics, we created this article with the advantages and disadvantages of each. You can also reach out to a surrogacy professional at any time. 

Advantages of Surrogacy Agencies 

The purpose of surrogacy agencies is to help surrogates and intended parents through every part of the surrogacy process. Some of the main advantages a surrogacy agency provides that can make your journey easier are: 


Surrogacy agencies are more experienced in the bond formed between clinics and surrogacy agencies. This process requires a lot of trust and collaboration. Your surrogacy professional can prepare you for what to expect and help you navigate this new dynamic if you have questions or concerns. 

Surrogacy agencies help intended parents find potential surrogates to carry their baby. You will be able to review surrogate profiles that fit your preferences until you find what you’re looking for. For surrogates, surrogacy agencies will make sure you have everything you need and that you’re getting the compensation you’re entitled to. 

After the baby has been born, the surrogate may remain in the picture. Surrogacy is a journey that has bonded both parties in meaningful ways.

If you have questions or concerns about how to navigate this bond, your surrogacy professional can help with this. 


Surrogacy is a complex process. Surrogacy agencies can help you create a surrogacy plan so you have an idea of what to expect from your surrogacy journey. Once a plan is created, your surrogacy professional will be by your side every step of the way. 

Having consistency can help you feel confident and supported in your surrogacy process. You will never be without a shoulder to lean on. 


Even with all of the positive emotions that come with the surrogacy process, you might be overwhelmed by all of your new responsibilities.

If you’re a surrogate, you may be experiencing a lot of emotions as a result of the pregnancy hormones, the physical exhaustion of pregnancy, not to mention the unique experience of carrying a baby who is not yours. 

Surrogacy agencies offer counseling services help surrogates and intended parents cope with the complex emotions they may be experiencing. Whether you need a space to vent or advice, your surrogacy counselor has you covered. 


Surrogacy agencies offer the coordination of information and services between attorneys, clinics and other necessary processionals. That way you can focus on having a positive and successful surrogacy experience.   

Your surrogacy professional will sit down with you to create a surrogacy plan that will act as a blueprint for how you want your surrogacy process to go. 

Matching services 

One of the most important services a surrogacy agency can offer is providing matching opportunities. Your surrogacy professional will show you potential surrogate profiles that match your preferences so you can find the surrogate you want to carry your child. 

Legal connections 

Many surrogacy agencies have a network of surrogacy attorneys that they will be able to connect you with. These attorneys are well-versed in your state’s surrogacy laws and will ensure that your rights are protected throughout the surrogacy process. 

Disadvantages of Surrogacy Agencies 

Of course, there are some things that surrogacy agencies are not as equipped to do. 

Fertility And Embryo Transfer Services 

Many surrogacy agencies don’t have the resources or qualifications to facilitate egg donations, fertility treatments and IVF. But they can connect you with clinics who specialize in this work. 

Advantages of Fertility Clinics 

Fertility clinics play an important role in the medical process of surrogacy, but they may not be equipped to meet all of your surrogacy needs. Here are a few of the main advantages fertility clinics can provide. 

Fertility Testing 

Clinics provide fertility testing for potential surrogates so that they can determine if she is capable of undergoing the embryo transfer process. 

Egg And Sperm Donation 

Fertility clinics provide sperm and egg donation services that intended parents will be able to utilize.  

Egg Retrieval and Embryo Transfer 

The embryo transfer process is one of the most important parts of the surrogacy process. From retrieving the egg from the intended mother or egg donor, to transferring the embryo to the surrogate, fertility clinics are necessary for this part of the process. 

Disadvantages of Fertility Clinics 

It can be risky to ask fertility clinics to perform functions that fall outside of their areas of expertise. That’s why, when it comes to clinics acting as agencies, there are some disadvantages to watch out for. 

Limited Expertise 

While fertility clinics are vital during the embryo transfer portion of your surrogacy journey, their expertise doesn’t reach to many other aspects of the surrogacy process.

Beyond their fertility services, clinics may not be able to support you throughout the entirety of your surrogacy process. That’s why its recommended that you work with a surrogacy agency in addition to utilizing the services of a clinic. 

Weaker Screening Requirements 

Fertility clinics may not be able to offer the high quality screening processes that surrogacy agencies do. The requirements that fertility clinics have in place mainly extend to the biological and medical aspects of the process.

Surrogacy agencies take these things into consideration, but also perform background checks, in-home assessments, psychological screenings and more 

Fewer Options for Matching 

Few fertility clinics offer matching services when it comes to finding a surrogate. They may be able to connect you with an egg or sperm donor, but they don’t have the extensive matching services that surrogacy agencies can offer.  

Surrogacy agencies will have potential surrogate profiles for intended parents to review until they find the surrogate they want to carry their child. 

To get more information about how surrogacy agencies can benefit you, contact a surrogacy professional today.