Independent Surrogacy vs. Agency Surrogacy [Pros and Cons]

How You Benefit by Working with an Agency 

As you consider your surrogacy options, weighing an independent surrogacy vs. agency surrogacy might be leaving you unsure of what to do. Here you will find a comparison between the two and why working with experienced professionals at an agency gives you distinct advantages. 

The following information will give surrogacy guidance on agency vs. non-agency options, including the pros and cons of both. You can also complete this online form to connect to a surrogacy specialist ready to answer your questions and give more information on the role of an agency. 

What is Independent Surrogacy? 

Independent surrogacy is a path intended parents and surrogates take without the help of a surrogacy agency. In this type of surrogacy, you would independently need to search for and screen potential matches, then find a fertility clinic and a surrogacy attorney to take the necessary steps to ensure your surrogacy journey is safe, ethical and healthy. 

But, wouldn’t you prefer to work with professionals that can provide and coordinate all of these services under one roof?  

Ultimately, independent surrogacy vs. agency surrogacy is a decision that you have to make based on what’s right for you. Before you commit to independent surrogacy, speak to a professional to get more information on the services an agency can provide. You can do that by filling out this form

Until then, here are the pros and cons of choosing independent surrogacy. 

The Pros of Independent Surrogacy: 
  • Financial Savings: One of the biggest reasons why intended parents might consider independent surrogacy is avoiding paying agency fees. You would still cover pregnancy-related medical costs as well as an agreed-upon surrogate compensation package. As a surrogate, you might feel that independent surrogacy is a way to help the intended parents avoid additional financial burden. However, it takes experience and know-how to facilitate a surrogacy efficiently. If you do not have experience with surrogacy, expenses can quickly add up — often leading to a higher overall cost than you would pay with an agency.
  • The feeling of being in complete control: Both intended parents and surrogates might feel that the biggest difference in independent surrogacy vs. agency surrogacy is the amount of control you have over your journey. However, some intended parents and surrogates find the additional responsibility of coordinating surrogacy on their own to be overwhelming.
  • Impact on the relationship: In some cases, an independent surrogacy without the addition of a professional might present the opportunity to develop a closer relationship. 
The Cons of Independent Surrogacy: 
  • Lack of guidance and professional experience: The most significant difference between independent vs. agency surrogacy is that without with an agency, you don’t get the expertise and guidance of professionals. There are legal, emotional, physical and medical challenges and risks in surrogacy that require the support of a trusted specialist. 
  • The misconception of avoiding additional fees: As mentioned above, intended parents can avoid paying agency fees by choosing an independent surrogacy, but that doesn’t mean you still don’t have to pay for important services. Paying to advertise and screen surrogates or intended parents on your own can be more expensive than working with an agency to find a match. Surrogacy attorneys and fertility clinics will also require fees, which can be costly. 
  • Post-surrogacy counseling: The emotional challenges of both the surrogacy journey and pregnancy can be overwhelming for surrogates. An agency with experienced specialists can provide you with counseling and support even after the baby’s birth. 

Do you have more questions about independent surrogacy vs. agency surrogacy and the pros and cons of an independent journey? Complete this online form to connect with a specialist ready to provide you with important information to help you make a confident decision.  

Now that you know more about what an independent surrogacy decision means for you, let’s shift to the pros and cons of agency surrogacy. 

Agency Surrogacy and The Benefits of Working with a Professional 

In researching independent vs. agency surrogacy, you may have already come across the many benefits and services agencies can provide intended parents and surrogates. You can also find out more about the advantages of working with an agency by taking this link to get connected to a specialist

For now, here are the pros and cons of agency-assisted surrogacy. 

  • Professional guidance from start to finish:  The first thing you’ll discover when debating independent vs. agency surrogacy is the guidance you receive from an agency through the entirety of your journey. You get assigned a specialist in charge of managing every aspect of your journey, including providing or referring you to additional professionals as needed, such as attorneys, and coordinating appointments and information with the fertility clinic. 
  • Surrogacy is completely free for surrogates: Surrogates will never have to worry about costs related to medical expenses, counseling, contact mediation or services from additional professionals.  
  • Matching and increased surrogacy opportunities: Both intended parents and surrogates have a greater chance of matching with a qualified candidate when they work with an agency because these professionals have a larger network of available clients. You can meet a surrogacy partner that fits your specific preferences and needs. Avoiding longer wait times and the burden of searching for your surrogacy opportunity is a significant benefit. 
  • Pre-screening services: In addition to the extensive network of available intended parents and surrogates, the pre-screening services ensure only qualified, serious and professional intended parents and surrogates choosing this journey for the right reasons get matched together. 
  • Feeling less involved: You might feel like you aren’t directly involved in some of the surrogacy process steps by choosing a surrogacy agency, who will coordinate several important steps of the process for you. 
  • Gestational surrogacy is your only option: The most reputable surrogacy agencies only offer gestational surrogacy programs. If a traditional surrogacy involving artificial insemination is your preference, you’ll need to choose an independent journey. 

Even though you need to make the best decision for your specific surrogacy journey, getting more information on independent surrogacy vs. agency surrogacy from an experienced professional is crucial. 

Wouldn’t you prefer to have the most information possible to make a confident decision when considering independent vs. agency surrogacy? 

By completing this online contact form, you can get essential information and surrogacy guidance for agency vs. non-agency journeys, as well as information on: 

  • The many benefits of working with an agency for intended parents 
  • Being an independent vs. agency surrogate and what it means for your surrogacy experience 
  • And more 

As you can see, there are pros and cons to every decision, but as it relates to independent surrogacy vs. agency surrogacy, your decision can significantly impact your experience. You can also hear from past intended parents and surrogates to get a better feel for how choosing surrogacy is a life-changing decision. 

No matter which path you choose, researching to obtain as much information as possible is the first important step.